How to Bypass a Form when Requested Value is a Key an is repeated by User

Any idea of how to bypass when adding a row in a form and user repeates the key. I mean bypass the erro mesage a go to a another view.

I would suggest using validation (expression in Valid_If property of the column) to check if an entered Email already exists BEFORE attempting to save the row. I.E. don’t allow the save if the email is already present. The user then Cancels and selects the actions they really intended.


This does check the email but the only thing you can do is display an error Message to press Cancel. So when you press Cancel the app can go to any view, because all actions can be added only after form is saved. There are not cancel actions. :thinking: :pensive:

Pressing Cancel should return the user to the view from which they launched the input Form.

I am not sure what you mean by this

I don’t know the app design so can’t offer suggestions about app workflow.