How to cache a previously used value and not to show in next row entry

Hello community

I have problem and it is difficult for me to describe so i will put some screen shots for better understanding. I searched on the forum but could not find something helpful.

I am creating sales order with multiple order lines. I have a control that if sales quantity is more than remaining quantity in the selected lot (lot number is purchase order number), it shows error due to stock level control. User should select another lot ore should enter 2 lines with 2 different lot number.

So i prefer entering this order in 2 separate lines. After entering first order line with correct quantity i save the line and it redirects me again for new line.

I am entering second line but it shows still the same lot number. However i consumed this one in previous line.

This is my formula for initial value

ANY(SELECT (Purchase Details[Order Id], AND([Product Id] = [_THISROW].[Product Id],[Qty Left]>0,[Order Status]=“Completed”)))

What should i add in the formula that it will consider previously selected lot number and will not show in the list.

Thank you for reading. Any help appreciated.


Maybe it is not seen yet.