How to calculate duty hours in one day with one click

This sample app shows how you can calculate cumulative duty hours with one click.


I tried to click on the Google icon to sign in but couldn’t, for some reason. Is there a way to open this in a separate window?

Open the app directly from App name is “In Duty”

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@Aleksi We could use this also for a Stopwatch :slight_smile:

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Some kind of… why not.

Hi Aleksi! How are you?
If I trigger the “IN” 2 hours latter I click “OUT”, and a couple of days latter I make the same trigger process.
Does the function SUM the time of 2 days or it just sum the actual time between triggers no matter how many days are between IN´s and OUT´s?

It should calculate durations between IN & OUT, not OUT & IN.

Another question, how can show a CONCATENATE format that shows Hours, minutes and seconds?

Hi Aleksi!
How could I get a 00:00:00 hour format from this formula? : IF([IN OR OUT]=“PAUSA”,LOOKUP([_THISROW].[ID],Comentarios, ID,IN)+TOTALHOURS([TIMESTAMP]-LOOKUP([_THISROW].[ID],Comentarios, ID,TIMESTAMP)),
LOOKUP([_THISROW].[ID],Comentarios, ID,IN))

Hi, may I ask what is the result now?

The result is Decimal 0.0603

And you want to convert the decimal to hour format as 00:03:37?

Yes that´s correct!
How can I do that?

Do you want to calculate seconds as well?

If it´s posible yes.

Try something like…


Thanks Aleksi!

You’re welcome

Hey Aleksi!
Another question.
I need to take this kind of time mesure for 12 different users in the same table, but I need to calcualte the time for each of thouse users.
I can duplicate the amount of columns of the “crono” logic for the amount of users 12, but that I think it would be a lot of columns. Is there a way to do it without duplicate the amount of columns so I can take the time for each user?
Also, what happens if the “crono” reach 99:59:59, is going to grow on houndreds of hours? 100:00:00

If one user has his own record, why don’t you calculate it with a normal column so it will calculate it when the decimal is added?