How to calculate Time Difference between two rows


I’m trying to calculate an speed value. For this math calc I will use the difference between the last and previous value from a column of a table and the filling time for both rows.

I can’t understand how to calculate using some math expression on a virtual value with a formula for a dynamic value.

My math expression should be like the following:
acceleration = (Table[Position].(lastrow)_value - Table[Position].(lastrow-1)_value ) / (Table[time].(lastrow)_value - (Table[time].(lastrow-1)_value)

Then, depending on the speed value calculated, I’m considering to send an email to some users warning them about a possible trouble.

Hope you can understand my question,

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Please take a look at the following help articles

Please be aware that multirow expressions are in general sync time expensive.

The following also could be helpful to you.

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