How to call a slice of a form, instead of a n...

(ControlProcess Pav) #1

How to call a slice of a form, instead of a normal form, when calling the form by editing a child table?

I have a table. It has a One-To-Many child table. It shows as a small table view. When I create a new item on that child-table, it doesn´t call the slice I created, but the normal form with all the columns…

(ControlProcess Pav) #2

because when you create a reference needed for creating child tables, AppSheet apparently automatically creates REF views (which is a system view):

Analysis Form Analysis Table Analysis InLine


views created by the user, it doesn´t seem like it’s possible to change the source of these views, in order to use the slice Analysis instead of the normal full Analysis form.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

You can change the virtual column’s REFROWS expression with your slice. When you have done that, you need to create your own ref form view. Otherwise it will use the original form view.

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