How to call the PDF Link that i created

Hi Good Day, I do have a problem with the formula. I’ve created a Automation that when I click Yes in Create PDF it with provide the link of the created PDF. But when i click it the link provided “404 - File or directory not found.”

My formula for the Actions is:

Data: set the values of some columns in this row.

CONCATENATE(“”, ENCODEURL(“MonthlyPerformanceReportDatabase-1750141”),"&tableName=", ENCODEURL(“Monthly Performance Report Database”), “&fileName=”, ENCODEURL(CONCATENATE("/Files/"[MONTHS],"-",[Discussion Planner Key],".pdf")))

When i check on the folder where the PDF is saved and created it’s there but when i click the link in g sheet. The error is “404 - File or directory not found.”

Thanks community if someone will help me with this. Thank you

Hi @John_Paul_Armisa

What you want to achieve is pretty similar to what is described in this post:

You have to keep in mind that the link you want to provide is a relative path from your default folder path.
With Automation, I reproduced it this way (other similar options exist, this is ONE option).

The purpose here is to create a quote, store it in a team drive and giving access to user then.
To do so, I make an action, visible to users, to write “filename” in quoteFile column.
Then, the automation fires to create a file, because it is based on a change made on this column.

  1. create Action “write_TimeStamp_QuoteName”

With expression for the column QuoteFile (type : File):
"\Files\" &TEXT(NOW(),"YYYY_MM_DD - hh_MM_ss") & "_Quote_" & [QuoteReference]& ".pdf"

([QuoteReference] is a value from the row)

  1. Then, create a bot:

  2. here is the settings for event:

Expression : [_THISROW_BEFORE].[QuoteFile]<>[_THISROW_AFTER].[QuoteFile]

  1. Here is the setting for Process:

  2. And the setting for the related task:

Expression :


I think what you are specifically looking for is this last expression.

  1. Here is the result:
    a) in the app:

b) in the source sheet:

c) in the team drive folder:

Can you let us know if that works for you, and tick that post as a solution if that answer your question ?

Cheers !

EDIT : minor changes

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Is there a way to save the actual URL link of the file in the Google Spreadsheet?
The back end support people will be interfacing the Sheet and they need to be able to just click on the link in the sheet to open the file.

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Hi @Aurelien, I have a doubt with this procedure. I managed to get the file URL printed in the table and access to it through the app. The file is generated when a new record is created, is there a way to create a new file that replace the old one when the record is edited?

Hi @muketaz

This is no really about replacing.

This procedure will change the value indicating the path folder to the file.

So, if you didn’t neglect to add a timestamp value in the file name, the older one won’t be accessible anymore.

Note that it won’t delete the previous file in the Drive folder.