How to capture the Name of Point of Interest in Map View?

Map View:
Pin action ( position the Pin on Point of Interest)
V action - confirm
–> Opens a Detail Form and populates with the Long-Lat of the Pin location.

How to get the Name of the Point of Interest location and populate the Name column on the Detail Form?


Currently, we only have the ability to hide/show Points of Interest. We cannot capture the point of interest name nor the location - as address or LatLong.

Additionally, we only have the ability to capture the address of locations using the drop pin. We cannot get the LatLong coordinates. (hopefully that will change in the near future)

There is only one way within AppSheet that LatLong can be captured and that is by using the HERE() function. But this only gets the LatLong from the host device.

There are likely external services you can utilize to get the information you want - e.g. Google services.

Also, since Points of Interest don’t change, there may be sites online where you can copy past that information into your data.

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The Map View Pin Long-Lat is captured and inserted into the Detail Form.
I can copy the POI info PopUp Info in the Detail View Map and paste it into the Form Detail column, but that’s no really user friendly …

Really? How’s this done?