How to change a display name of column based on selected enumlist

Basically i want to change the display name of “Charge To Office 1” and “charge to Office 2”, instead of 1 & 2 i want to replace the numeric into names based on the selected value from a enum list. Example:

If i select Bryant at the fist position of the list and william in the second then the “Charge to Office 1” and “Charge To Office 2” become “Charge To Office Bryant” and “charge to Office William”

Hi @Muhammad_Rafif

What about the Display Name field ?
with expression instead:
“Charge To " & [Name]

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but if i select 2 names it becomes “Charge To Office Bryant, William” instead of “Charge To Bryant”

Try that instead:

for the first one:
“Charge To " & INDEX([Name],1)
and for the second one:
“Charge To " & INDEX([Name],2)

for reference:


it works! Thanks a Lot