How to change accept app usage view?


Is there a way to change the text that appears the first time a user opens an app?


It’s default testing as per latest GDPR, so I’m afraid you can’t rephrase it.


Thanks Levent, this app is intended to use by non-English speaking users, and need to adjust this so that they understand what they are accepting.

If it’s definitely not possible, can we have this as a feature request? I’m sure there’s more appsheet users developing apps for non-English countries.

Also I’m just the developer, i need the contact email from the GDPR view to be different than mine. It has to be the company email.
BTW this email I need to display is not Google nor Microsoft. It’s a government email.

I’ve seen already this post, and it could help but it’s not exactly what I’m asking for:

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Any ideas someone?

Can we have “App use consent” view with Localize options, so we can have it in different languages?

Can we have this as a Feature Request? :slightly_smiling_face:


Anyone can submit a feature request…

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