How to change color of an activity in Calendar Main View?

Hi everyone,
I´m trying to change the color of the activities in my Main Calendar View.
I´ve tried using Format Rules and it works properly, although the format is only applied to the Details View, and not on the Calendar View. Any ideas on how to achieve this?

The colors on the activities on the posted image , were chosen automatically (red and orange) and cannot find how to change those, and also add an icon if possible.


IN this image, you can see the format rule has been applied correctly to the details view:


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You need to create a Color type Virtual Column, assign colors to your activities via expression and then assign this column as a Category to your Calendar UX.

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I already create a Color type Virtual Column, assign colors using expression, but the Color column doesn’t appear when I want to assign as Category in Calendar UX. Please help me to solve this.

I have the same needing, but didnt get there yet


Try IF([IsPaid]=“Y”,“Green”,“Red”)

It should appear under the Category on your Calendar view.

Thanks this worked for me

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