How to change data source without changing the app

I have an app with the data source set as Google Sheets but due to personal reasons I want to change the data source to Microsoft 365 Excel. I want everything in the app to remain the same(schema, slices, form structure, etc.), only where the data is pulled from or pushed into should change. Hope I get some help.

Please check this article…

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Actually, I’ve read this article and it does not solve my problem still. I don’t want to transfer ownership to another AppSheet account, I want to keep my old account on AppSheet and change the data source from one Microsoft account to another.

If all the column structures etc are all identical you can just go to Data>Tables>Storage>Browse for more data. Change every table to the excel data source

If you don’t need to move your app from Google to Microsoft as you described in the first post, then solution mentioned by @Heino_Matthee works fine.