How to change Map default location from current location of user to another location?

Dear all,
To give more context to my question: My previous project was in Malaysia but I am now back in Singapore. When I open my Malaysia project now, the map default to show my current location. This means all the markers are not visible any more on the map and I have to pan on the map to the correct location to see the markers. Is there a way to change this default location to a location of choice?

You could disable location services for AppSheet from your phone’s settings, and then it might work better.

Not to my knowledge. :frowning:

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If you have a team across the globe , it would not work.

We move this to feature request?

Just for your device, so your map would center around the map points, but their devices would center around their location. Just a suggestion though

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Hi Steve,

I think there may be a way. Because when I copy sample apps with maps for example “Surface Sanitizer”, the map does not default to my current location but to where the pins are. Any idea why?

Unfortunately, no. I have very little experience with map views. :frowning: