How to change the appshet app logo?

I want to change the app’s app logo when you start.
is there how to change it?

info -> dashboard -> edit logo

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If I know which logo inside the application can be changed, I want to change the logo of the application from outside.
Can you change the startup logo?

yup, you can, those can be changed under UX->view or behaviour->actions; they are under the section “Display” of each item

for the startup LOGO,you can upload

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Thank you for message !

but not find the “Display” of each item?
where that is ?

What do you mean? Or what setting are you seeking for?

I’m looking at UX> Brand and can’t find anything to change the logo of the startup application.

In format rules, options also don’t find it.

It’s under there…

Launch Image is the image when the app loads whilst the app is starting up or syncing
Background Image is the image in the app’s background.
You can click the down arrow and select CUSTOM from the dropdown.
You can also check this where appropriate image sizes are also given

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This one, UX -> view -> display

I only want to change the name of the application logo from the start, this can’t be true?

That’s the core AppSheet App that you have installed from the Google Play. How do you expect to change that icon? And honestly I couldn’t be able to understand what’s the harm of that icon to you as it’s the AppSheet’s brand logo as well.

Sure, u need to “add short cut” then open the app with browser and create a short cut at the home screen

Your reply is totally irrelevant what’s being asked if you pay attention.