How to change the value of a particular cell based on any edits made in 5 other cells

i have a colomn named Status and other 5 colomns with Qty of items…i want to change the value of status every time edits are made to the 5 colomns with qty…

Can someone help me

Two strategies come to mind. One is to make a workflow rule:

Or, if the values you would “watch” for change with a workflow rule are being changed via an action, you might be able to make a “Grouped: execute a sequence of actions” action that does the work for you.


Kirk’s suggestions are all valid; when faced with creating a Status column, I typically go for creating an algorithmic-formula and use that in the App Formula space - this way the status is always calculating and updating based on edits and available data.

But sometimes you don’t need to status to update all the time (meaning, I don’t want to use the computer resources to calculate that all the time because I know when it needs to be calculated), then I’ll split things out into actions: