How to change this ghetto datepicker to advan...

(Thomas Chandra (THOMZZ)) #1

How to change this ghetto datepicker to advanced one?

(Stephen Mattison) #2

Usually things like datepicker and time picker use the native UI from your device to keep your apps light and fast. Maybe if you can change the look of this on your device it will look better in your app.

(Thomas Chandra (THOMZZ)) #3

Thanks for your response.

Wondering how do this. Mine is Galaxy S7 Edge, Android 6.0.1 and Nova Launcher. The Datepicker in web browser emulator looks fine with easy top pick calendar dan date.

(Thomas Chandra (THOMZZ)) #4

Another problem is user will see different datepicker interface depends on their device.

(Grant Stead) #5

+Thomas Chandra yes, you’re correct… In my experience is a good thing… The user is typically already familiar with how to use the native date picker on their browser/device so it’s actually a good thing!