How to check Status for last user entry on a log

I have a log table with a Status column and would like to get the Status for the users’ last entry but can’t figure out the formulas to use. Any suggestions?

Click through this link:

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Thanks Steve. I don’t think I explained the situation correctly.
I’m trying to write a formula for an Action behavior to NOT display if a condition is True. Specifically, if a user is “Checked In” to a Job then he cannot check in to another Job until he “Checked Out” of the current job he he is checked into.
I tried Lookup(UserEmail() , “Issued”, “Assigned Email” , “Status” ) <> “Checked In” but when I test it I get Y results for all rows in the table even when there are “Checked In” values in some rows and I don’t understand why.

What I understand is you want the action button available only if the user is not checked in to any other job:

      (USEREMAIL() = [Assigned Email]),
      ("Checked In" = [Status])

FILTER(...) gathers all rows for the user with a Checked In status. ISBLANK(...) asks the question, were no rows gathered? If no rows were gathered, it means there were no rows for the user with a Checked In status.

I tried many different expressions with no luck. Some error messages I got were to do with sub expressions being, it seems incompatible. Is there a resource where I can reference those kinds of issues?

I appreciate all the help you’ve given: Thanks.

Is there a rule as to when the column referenced in formulas is on the right side of an expression vs the left side? Or does it matter?

That’s what this community is here for! :slight_smile: Screenshots of the error messages will help us help you.

The = and <> operators will always evaluate as TRUE if the value on the left side is a blank value, regardless of the value on the right side:

  • "" = "hello" :x: incorrectly TRUE

  • "hello" = "" :white_check_mark: correctly FALSE

  • "" <> "" :x: incorrectly TRUE

I recommend trying to structure your = and <> expressions so a value you know won’t be blank is on the left side.

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I didn’t realize that. Thanks for the tip.

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