How to clear a user's cache

how can I force a new browser link or something so that a user who is seeing a sync error can have their browser cleared without me doing a full upgrade (if that even works)?

We had a bug in our app, since fixed but the user cannot proceed because of their browser cache contents (presumably).

I couldn’t find how to get a user unstuck when I looked here: TROUBLESHOOTING | AppSheet Help Center

It is not possible to forcibly clear the browser cache.

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thanks for the confirmation about that. My user was able to successfully proceed with this on Chrome:

  • close your appsheet tabs
  • enter in a new tab this address: chrome://settings/siteData
  • type “appsheet” into the search box and then click the “Remove All Shown” button

They probably can’t proceed due to pending syncs. Could have them go to the menu in the top left and hit reset changes. If they have a red number over the sync button and it errors while syncing this will most of the time be the issue.


thanks I did not know about reset changes!

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Where do you see the reset changes? Only present when there are changes queued? but otherwise not? I can’t find it…

Yes, otherwise they should be able to sync so long as the app definition doesn’t have an error.