How to clear column data from app

Hello everybody!

I need your help!

I need to clear data from a column on my table.

How can I do that ?

Easiest way - clear it in the data source.

Right now I am doing like this )

But it’s not comfortable. Every time to go on data source and delete.

I want to add users, they can’t do that

If your data source is Gsheet, you can do it using a script and a webhook or a timed trigger.

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Agree with you. In prototype mode my users can do webhook ?

No, only when deployed.

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You could do this with actions and a scheduled report.

I was trying to do, but could’t find. How can I do that ?

Help me pls )

Experiment a little and let us know what you come up with.


Thank you for a link. It’s helpful.

But when I am trying to use them there no effect.

I have action that I am use for marking. I am just copy this action and just change name and value to FALSE.

After that I am use type of action execute an action on a set of rows for my target table.
Make this query for select empty and market for true rows
Filter(Animals, AND([User]=Useremail(), OR(ISNOTBLANK([Mark]),[Mark]=true)))
Finaly use my action.

When I press my bulk action button nothing change. Why? And how can I found my error ?

Picture of my action

Should this:


instead be this:


It’s help. Working fine! Thank you very much!

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