How to clear Device from Form upload errors

I am getting an error on submitting data to on a form UX. I have deleted the form and the data, but the app will not update fully. I am getting an orange circle in the upper right corner of the vitual app/device that has a number (which is the number of records I have tried to save in the none working form.

The error message is: Unable to add/edit/delete row in table ‘Scoring_Tracker_Draft1’. → Worksheet ‘Sheet1’ not present in Google SpreadSheet ‘Scoring_Tracker_Draft1’.

Any way I can clear the virtual device of ALL these errors?
Any other suggestions?
Thanks for the help.

Open the main menu:


Then scroll down and select Reset Changes:


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THANK YOU … that was easy. Figured it had to be,
Does the Pro version have more tools / ability to customize the look and feel of the App. The formatting/aesthetics feels very limited