How to click one button to call several persons by phone

Dear Team,
I would like to build an App that has two two tables, Table 1 is for the Callers, and Table 2 is for that persons to be called. When a Caller from Table 1 is pushing button, this action will call several persons in the same group in Table 2. Could anyone show me how to do this?
Thanks for your help and advices!
John W

Can you call/dial several persons at the same time from your mobile phone all at once?

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No. But, I want to build app to do so, more like one button to invite several persons to a conference call.

thank you very much for your question and interest!

Not possible.

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Can we write code to accomplish this ? thanks for your response!

Can an app creator, with AppSheet? No.

What you want would be a function of your phone app, not AppSheet.

Thanks! Can you be able to help build a phone app like to this with pay for your work?


Do you know anyone who could help? Thanks

You would be paying an arm and a leg for functionality that already exists in the form of other apps.

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Thanks for letting me know that someone has developed. Do you know the name(s) of the app(s)?

AppSheet supports direct connections to Google Calendar as a datasource.

And each event will auto-generate a meeting link if the feature is enabled:

This link shows up in AppSheet when you connect the calendar as a datasource:

Once you click the meeting link, you can add users by calling them.

I think that’s as close as you can get to automating this in AppSheet.

I don’t know how you could automate adding each contact to the call, but you could easily build an app that gets you close. Then the user would just copy/paste a few phone numbers and jump between tabs for AppSheet and Google Meet.