How to Combine Slice Expressions ifs, Not, In, S

Im trying to make a Slice on Table 1. This Slice has 3 columns

[Code No.], [Status] and [Remarks].

This formula works perfectly

=ifs([Status] =“Available”, [Status] =“Reserved”])

What I want is, I want to add a condition based on another Table Slice. This second slice has 2 columns onlys. The slice name is “Reference”

[Code No.] and [Status]

I want to insert this formula in Slice 1 filter condition

Not(In([ Code no.], Reference[Code No.]))

Im trying to combine using OR but i cannot figure it out . Any suggestion?

That expression is…not right. Can you describe how you want to filter your first Slice so we can fix this expression first, before combining it with your second one?


What I want on my 1st slice table 1 is to show only if the [status] is equal to “Available” and “Reserved”

There are 3 columns in 1st slice Status, Code No., and Remarks

And if one of the column of the table 1 slice is already in a table 2 slice column. Wherein there are 2 columns in table 2 slice Code No.,and Status.

In short the condition formula is like this in Slice 1

If Slice 1 [Status] =“Available”, Reserved" and also not available in the Slice 2 (Another Table) [Code No.] then this row should show. This 2 condition should be true

Im trying to combine this

If these statements are true

If([Status] =“Available”, “Reserved”, Not(In([Code No.] Reference[Code No.]))

Either of the following 2 expressions would work for your first slice.

  [Status] = "Available" ,
  [Status] = "Reserved"


IN( [Status] , LIST( "Available" , "Reserved" ) )

Then to combine with your second listed expression:

You should be using AND(), not OR().

  #put one of the 2 options from above here# ,
  Not(In([ Code no.], Reference[Code No.]))

And make sure to review the IFS() article again, because you definitely did not use it correctly.


Thanks finally found solution.

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