How to compare the Useremail to a table that has emails, to show the corresponding name of that user?

I am having trouble comparing the current useremail() who is logged in, to the table i built that has all emails, along with corresponding names.

Table 1 (Payables)
Table 2 (Initial Table)

I need to compare the current email user with Table 2 emails - and show the corresponding name of that email user.

“Table Name”,
“Email Column”,
“Column you want to return”)


Ok. I tried that. It still is not showing the [Name] from Table 2 - associated with the current useremail:

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When it says ‘one randomly’, it really means it is taking the first item from the returned list. However, in this case, the returned list should only have one entry: that entry which the column [Email] matches USEREMAIL(). Therefore, the ‘one randomly’ statement isn’t a concern.

It’s not immediately obvious why @tvinci’s expression isn’t working - it appears correct. Make sure that:

  1. Your application requires login, otherwise USEREMAIL() does not return anything;
  2. The table and column names are correct.

Also, an equivalent way to write the lookup statement would be:

  SELECT(Initial Table[Name],
    [Email] = USEREMAIL()

NM. It is working. Sorry - i am not sure why i didn’t see it earlier.

Thank you so much.