How to connect google calendar event to my data?

Is there a way to connect google calendar event to a row from my table? The best way would be if one-to-many relation would be made - one row can have more calendar events.
The only thing that comes to mind is to create a special form that would hold many-to-many relations, but I would need to select the calendar and the event manually which is not an option in the end.
Is there a way to do this automatically?

How would the app determine which calendar events are/should be connected to a row of the table?

@Steve That is the question I made. But I did a workaround that works for me, but I wish this could be made much simpler.
On the Google Calendar table I created a virtual column that is a reference to my other table with formula like this:
IF(CONTAINS([Description], "REFID"), RIGHT(LEFT([Description], FIND("REFID", [Description]) + 21), 9), "")

And in the description of the calendar event I hold the ID of that table among other details that needs to be in the calendar. Eg:
REFID: 12345