How to construct email template for repeating rows in the form of "vertical table" rather than normal "horizontal table"

When it comes to the workflow template, it is requirement we generate the multiple rows of table, which is usuall in the form of vertical table, i.e. the first row hold the column names.

Instead, case by case, we may need vertical table to repeat the rows out of original table where the data resides.

This is tips how to generate the vertical table within Apphsheet workflow template.




Thank you very much @tsuji_koichi for documenting this useful tip.

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And if you want to have one page per table of each related records just insert a Page Break in the first <<End>>

the final template would look like this:

Final doc:


Great, yes, good point.
I do have some app with me, exactly same setting, just add page break.

Hope this will be found useful mate.

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