How to convert DeepLink to URL for use in Google Calendar

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I have opened a Google calendar as a data source and made it a Table, and I’m referencing it to one of my existing Tables for Projects. So when I fill in a Project in the app, my Projects Google Calendar gets a new entry and creates an event for me with that data. All that is done and it works great, events pop up in the calendar.

But what I can’t manage to do is to have a link in the event that takes the user to the Row in the App for that Project. So exactly what a LinkToRow([Project ID], “Project_Detail”) would do, but that is an App format, not an URL format. And I just can’t figure out or find in the other threads how to do this, how to convert that LinkToRow to an URL or a different way alltogether, to have the user navigate in one click from the Google Calendar Event to the proper view of that project in the app.

Any suggestions? I’m sure there must be an easy way through this.

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I had seen the above post by you when you posted a day ago. Incidentally, I also have a similar requirement. On searching the help articles and community posts, I came across the post below.

I tested my requirement as per guidelines in the post and I could access the app record from the Google calendar. You may wish to take a look at the post. Mentioning here that I am merely forwarding this post for your reference since I could solve my problem based on the guidance. All the magic is created by the experts contributing in the post below. :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’ll look it through this weekend :smiley: and give it a go.

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It worked :smiley: thank you for pointing me in the right direction