How to copy an app without the date in the app name URL

I am building an suite of apps that interlink with each other by concatenating a column with a category and the I am assuming user ID for the app name url to be able to create a link by creating an action to go to another app using the LINKTOROW target that has the concatenation. The issue I am running into is that I have before created an app called estimates and deleted all data folders in google driver for it. I have another app I am using to copy it which has the name SHREstimates-192204 and rename it to estimate-192204, but keep getting Estimates-192204-20-05-23. How can I copy SHREstimates-1992204 to be Estimates-192204?

Thank you for any help with this.

@Jason_Spicer It will add the date value if you are trying to copy an app with the same name. With this way you won’t have duplicate app names in your account.

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