How to count the times a user logs in?

I would like, to change the start view, depending on if user logs in for the first time.
Is there any other way to do this?

I can say not directly but indirectly. You can provide a simple functionality with use of UserSettings which is user device specific feature where you can enforce the user to accept i.e. Terms of Use, EULA etc. Then you know if the user is logging for the first time or not. Please see this:

Thanks for respond. I’ve tried various techniques using the user settings option.
Last try was to start app with Settings view, and then give the user the option of selecting a startscreen from an enum list. Then i put an expression in options - starting view of the app, IF(ISBLANK(USSERSETTINGS(‘startscreen’),‘Settings’, USERSETTINGS(‘startscreen’)).
So if log first time or don’t change the start screen, always go to Sttings view, otherwise to the chossen view. The problem is that it seems that the setting is not stored or the app cannot find the chossen view. Still working on it to find a resolution. Any ideas?

There is a small glitch or bug with how AppSheet handles UserSettings and I had informed @morgan about this nearly 2 weeks ago. When the app opens with UserSettings and the user does something (not important what it is) and save the settings, it does not go to the view that you already set it to. However, if you re-open the settings and just save without changing anything, it now works. This is a glitch or bug and lately @morgan said that they are working on it. However, I haven’t heard back from AppSheet if this has been resolved lately.

Ok, I give it a shot and I’ll let you know if worked😊

noop! After first save, forced sync goes to blank screen only with menus, going again in settings and simply save as you suggest, same result. When log out and log in again, selected screen is lost and forces app to show again the Settings view😂
We must invent another way, or hope that appsheet team will provide a resolution to a prob like this, which is simple logic I think. Anyway it is one of the most common things tha my students asked, so you get the feeling of a poor poor teacher😊

Please contact to report the problem you experienced.

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@morgan is aware of this UserSettings glitch for about 1 month now. My initial email to Morgan is as of 12/26/2019 :slight_smile: Can you also humbly ping him? May be he can react faster :hugs: