How to create a [Cancel Button] for quick-edits

Being able to modify a column’s value outside of the form is extremely helpful in speeding up certain data entry scenarios. In AppSheet you can enable this inside the Detail View, selecting the columns you wish users to be able to quick-edit.

But what happens if you need to undo an edit?

If you’re inside the form, you can just cancel and your edits won’t be saved; but with a quick-edit, the edit is saved as soon as the focus leaves the field.

In this video I show you how you can create an “undo” system for quick edits - a Cancel button that users can press to revert things back to the way they were.

-| Table Of Contents |-

15:17 - Overview

2:04 - Start
3:19 - The columns needed for this to work
8:06 - The actions needed for this to work
10:09 - How to setup conditional quick-edits
13:01 - The “Undo” process in action
15:54 - The Accept action
18:32 - (shameless) Patreon plug


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Couldn’t help myself. Cool stuff. Good video.



That is great. I make use of Quick Edits so this will be important to implement.


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Tip: in your App Documentation, search for this: “QuickEditColumns”: [ " to see where you have set up Quick Edits. If you simply search for QuickEditColumns you’ll get tons of search terms found that don’t actually indicate a Quick Edit column you set up.


Good point about Quick Edit not having an undo, but Forms have a Cancel button.
It would be cool if Quick Edits caused a little undo icon to appear for a few seconds.

If delayed sync is on, then it would basically be the same as jumping the menu and clicking revert changes, but much faster! That’s hard to do quickly when you’re trying to stop a sync.


This is very cool. Thanks you. :clap:t2: :clap:t2:

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