How to create a Customer Loyalty program using Appsheet?

One Product (actually a Service of some sorts)

@Aleksi. Each Service Product is bought a number of times over a period. Each time it is bought a point is allocated. Then each Service Product has a setting that determines if a Voucher will be issued for say 4 or 5 or 6 points.
Then depending on the pionts, an email will be sent with a FREE Voucher with QR Code that can only be redeemed for that Product that the Voucher was issued for. A Record must be created in the sheet for that Voucher that was issued

@Aleksi and @tsuji_koichi what is the method in Appsheet to create an entry/record from a Workflow in a Table when the Workflow fires. One Part of the Workflow will send an email Voucher with QR Code and the Other Part must automatically create the Voucher Record in a Table so that with the QR we can search for that Voucher when the Customer comes to redeem it on premises


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Easy but effective work around is to create quick table just for scanning. When your customer come to you with qt code then you scan that with a particular form which are generated by this table, and then it automatically open up target table which you want to open . Then you may place some action to toggle to change the flag, the ticket is consumed yes or no type of flag to make the coupon not reusable something like that.

@tsuji_koichi thank you for the response. I have the scanning functionality sorted in a different way (scanning is not my problem) and the Email is going out to the Customer (me for now while I am testing). I however want a Record created at Workflow Email time so that I have a record for it and when the Customer does not redeem then I know. I want to pick your guys brains how to achieve that in Appsheet at Workflow time

I’m happy to help but need to get more of the details how your current table/column arrangement to give a useful guide for you.

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Hi Henry,

I add topic “Adding a Record to Another Table” in the article I referred to above, that is

It describes how to add a new record to a table from a workflow rule.
Does that meet your need?


Hi @Henry_Scott
Here is a link to a demo app and documentation for it. IT may be useful.