How to create a duration expression of say 2 min

Wondering how to create a duration expression of say 2 min
Or a Duration of 0:52 that would be the length f a video clip in an example
Of a video clip database where we wanted to show the pre edited original file length

Also if im trying to say the clips is part of

a full lesson
Or part of a

Or part of a


Do i use the enum expression for that
Or is that the enum list ?

Im also wondering about how best to express size as in
Size as in its 292 Mb or 1.4 Gb ?

Many thanks

Duration strings are in the format of hhh:mm:ss, so 2 minutes would be


None of your other questions make much sense. Can you further elaborate or explain in a different way what you are trying to do?

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So out of if your say 100 video clips as you were categorizing them and you wanted to say
this video was part of the make apple pie recipe lesson set a full lesson on make apple pies
FULL LESSON or this video was part of the story aka drive to the store buy apples APPLE STORY I guess this is just a category now thinking about it ?
Part of a FULL LESSON category
Part of a STORY category

and enum is part of the status

50% of the STORY videos for the apple pie story are categorized something like that

and the size of a video is 292 Mb or 1.4 Gb not sure about that one

kind of hungry now


"000:52:00" if minutes, "000:00:52" if seconds.


It’s really up to you.

Your post would benefit from proper punctuation. Are you using speech-to-text?


Yep ill try and type it out next time many thanks that’s great, got it.

I have also found this helpful

detail on expressions but is there any spreadsheet doc or similar that lists these default expressions at present anywhere?

I’m not sure what you mean by “default expressions”. The expressions in the screenshot are custom suggestions based on your current app, so those specific suggestions are not available in a doc.

Here is a (mostly complete) list of available functions: