How to Create a Multiple Conditional Branching

Hi Everyone,

Please i am trying to create a conditional branching using Google sheets, i have a page header i would like to reference if some options are selected, E.G, i have a question with a dropdown like occupied, unoccupied, broken. if broken is chosen i want the next page to be the last page on the app, however if occupied is chosen, i would like it to go to the next page.

Please i need help ASAP

Did you try showif constrain for the column?

Apply showif constrain to the set of fields you want to 'hide" when a certain value is selected on the trigger field as well as the fields set as Show type - page header.

I believe you would be able to hide the pages completely on the form view as well under a certain condition although I m not testing yet

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i applied the showif constrain on some which worked, but the last page did not work, and i have alot of options to reference the last page