How to create a rate system (per row) and show users only the average?

Hi, I’m quite new to AppSheet, help would be very appreciated!
I’ve created an app for my school based on a google sheet (which takes files upload with a Google Form) and organises them. Using the Publisher Pro Plan.
I’m currently trying to implement a rating system, which allows users to give a score (1-5), for each file uploaded (row) and then calculate and show the average of values (for each file).
What’s the most efficient way to do so?
Please be as clear as possible in the answer, so that I can follow your advices easily.
Thanks for your time.

Hi! Welcome to the community.

As you’re new here, this “tip” might be a little difficult to implement (somewhat advanced) but here’s something that is relevant to your inquiry:

I think there’s more information that might help you in the community so please search the community.

I wish I could introduce a sample app that does what you would like to do. There may be one, but I’m not sure. I’d have to search. It’s also possible to search for such sample apps (templates). Good luck!


Thank you Kirk!
Very useful, it may take some time to get it done, but I’ve got a starting point (the idea of creating five different column)!
Have a nice time with your AppSheet journey.
Cheers, Chiara.