How to create a report for all entries matching today and are either "complete" or "issue"

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So I am in the process of creating an app to handle meter installs for my job. I’m having some issues on trying to create a bot or a report that generates every night. The goal is that every night at midnight this pdf report will be created and list all of the rows that have been marked “Completed”, or show ones that have been marked “Issue”. Can anyone help me on at least getting something together? I really need this app running soon as it is killing my productivity in office.

It is not exactly clear if you are looking for assistance in BOT creation or template creation. Anyhow, your sequence of configuration could be

  1. Create a slice say , “RecordsTesterday” on the table with an expression sometning like AND(OR( [Status]=“Completed”, [Status]=“Issue”), [Date]= TODAY()-1)

  2. Create a BOT with an EVENT. Event Type : Schedule, ForEachRowinTable- Yes, Table- “RecordsTesterday” , Schedule: Daily , Time: 1:00 am ( So the report runs after midnight)

  3. Run Process: Run A Task, Task to Run: Send An Email

In your email task, the report template could be something like


Hey Suvrutt,

So I believe that this will help. I had more issues with the syntax with creating the template for the PDF than I had with the bot to run. The purpose of the report is that we need to know what entries were completed and who completed them. Also to see if there were any issues with any entries like we were not able to complete the job or such as that.

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So unfortunately the submission is going through but the email is not sending. I only applied the filter to the sliced view and with the automation I cannot select the slice I made for events. It only is selecting the main table that the slice is made from.

Hi @David_Loder ,

Got it. Does the following post help?

For automation related queries, you may wish to take a look at the “AppSheet Automation” section that will have a much higher chance of getting a solution.

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