How to create a shortcut (action) between two REF tables

I want to create quick shortcut between these two REF tables.

When I create action to view “Hydranty_Inline” it shows whole table - not filtered.

I tried something like that but with no effect.

What do you mean by “quick shortcut”?

I mean nothing special but the ability to show another view via one click.

[Object] = ANY( LIST( [Object] ) )
is exactly equivalent to just:
[Object] = [Object]

Which obviously will always be true.

Perhaps you’re wanting to use [_THISROW].[Object] for one side of the equality?

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Looking good! But when I make an action
LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Hydranty_Inline”, [Obiekt] = [_THISROW].[Obiekt]) action does not appear.

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Please post a screenshot of the action configuration screen.

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You are expecting the button to show up in the red box?

Your expression is dependent on the value of a column in a single record. Since this is a table view, that shows multiple records, there is no way for the system to know which record the use when evaluating the expression. Thus this Action is not going to be compatible with the “Overlay” prominence that you’re wanting.

Alternatively, you can attach it to the records with “Inline” prominence.

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