How to create a web hook

Hello All,
I have to create a webhook to send SMS notification. The api details are given below. Pls guide me how to pass the parameters?

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Senthil =password&v=1.1&format=text

You can use workflows to send either Push Notifications or SMS messages without messing with any webhook/API.

You can also send a webhook from a workflow as well, if it is really necessary.

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Thanks @Marc_Dillon, Im based at India, since AppSheet supports SMS notification only in US/Canada, I have to use this web hook.

Same type of problem with me… Please guide me if you find way to send Sms in India.

Hi @Shashwat_Hemato-Onco,

I tied-up with a local SMS vendor in India. He provided me a API and using that to send SMS notification and it works perfectly

Can you send me the sms vendor in india??
And how to do via webhook

Hi @Shashwat_Hemato-Onco,

Im using the workflow to invoke the SMS provider API.

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