How to create an Appsheet to prompt an inputbox

I have a sheet/table contains few read only columns. The first and second column are for Username and password. The remaining columns are other information for the Username and password. When I enter valid Username and password, then it display only the information corresponding to the enter Username and password only. Please advise how to do it. Thanks.

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@rauf Welcome to AppSheet !!

Actually AppSheet provides its own login mechanism. You can then use Security Filters to hide show data and functions to the logged in user.

For more info on login, please refer to this article:

For more info on Security Filters take a look here:

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Thank you for your reply. As a new comer to Appsheet, I have tried and error to start creating my first appsheet. I managed to create one with 6 slices on one table. The table on read only. The user will only get their own data along with their respective email. However, they still can view the while table when they click the menu on the top left corner of screen. How can I hide the menu or not to show the table. Furthermore, my app has been assigned with a icon. How do I change the icon. Any one can help me. I would appreciate it…

Security Filters are the way to control what a user sees. This is simple to do when you also use the Sign-In feature of AppSheet.

When a user signs in there is a variable called USEREMAIL() that is assigned the user login email. You simply make sure this value is recorded on each record a user enters.

Then on each table you wish to limit data for the users, you simply apply a Security Filter of something like `[User] = USEREMAIL()" where [User} is some column where you saved the logged in users email value. The users will only ever see the rows they entered, no one else’s.

You can show or hide views by using the Show_If property included in the Display section of most views.

To change the app icon you’ll want to go to the Brand tab within the UX section. See image below

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Something available that I had forgotten about until I just read about it in another post. There is a concept of private tables. Basically each user gets their own copy of the table in their own cloud-based account. This feature does require sign-in capabilities to be enabled. If you think this might be useful then you can read more about it in this article:

Hello and thanks again, your tips are highly appreciated. I have improved my appsheet and keep improving it. Now my users can use the appsheet that I have created. They can see only data that associated to their email. However, this only works if they use devices (mobile or pc) that register under their email address. If they login their email but use the devise registered with other email, then the data displayed would be for the email associated with the devise.

Is any way to resolve this? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Are you using the AppSheet login or you own login function?

If using AppSheet, the most likely issue is that the previous logged in user’s login is being kept active. That user would need to explicitly Log Out. I am not aware of any kind of timeout feature within AppSheet.

Once a user is logged out on the device, I believe another user can then login and see their specific app info. I don’t think there is AppSheet info that ties the app user to the device.

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