How to create an empty table

Hi all

I’m hoping for some guidance on how to automate a bot to create a file with an empty table to a specific number of rows.


I need to produce a sign-on sheet with three tables on one PDF page. I have colour coded them for clarity.

Red table
I already have an expression to create this table.

Blue table
I already have an expression to create this table.

Black table
The third table is for athletes who are not in our system yet, and wish to participate for the first time.

I hope to consume the rest of my page with a blank table, without going over to the next page. The table size can vary from week to week as our club membership grows.

I was thinking I could calculate the total number of members in the grade (Red rows + Blue rows), and subtract that from the total number of rows that can physically fit on a page.

In this example, I’d need 14 empty rows.

I’m guessing one way would be to make a data table with a column that has 23 keys (total number of possible rows on a page) and a column of empty values, then select (in this case) the first 14 values from the empty column. -This feels a little clumsy, but doable I guess.

Can anyone think of a more elegant way to achieve my workaround?

Thanks in advance

Are there any larger Tables in your app? You could just run a START over one of those, for however many records you need.

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Yes, no shortage of large tables.

Thank you! -It never occurred to me to run a START:Expression without a value between it and the END


You’re welcome. I’d recommend using TOP(), and for the second argument.
23 - (number of rows in the other 2 tables)

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