How to create an "Inline Helper" inside the form

If you’ve got a parent-child relationship set up inside your app, when you view the parent’s detail view you see an inline view of all the related child records:

Getting started inline view clip

When you go inside the form, many times it’s helpful to be able to see that same inline view again - but not having to go out of the form to access it.

So by “Inline Helper” I mean essentially copying the inline view you see from a parent record, inside the child record’s form.

-| Table Of Contents |-

1:23 - Intro
3:58 - Getting fancy (and why it’s important)
5:53 - Creating the inline view VC (on the child level)
10:24 - Creating a slice (to make a specifically formatted detail view)
12:30 - Redirecting the inline view VC from the original root table (to the newly created slice)
14:00 - Creating an inline view for the newly created slice
15:52 - How to rearrange the columns in the form
20:50 - How to get to the (special form)

24:36 - Testing it all out

The end result will look like this:

partyparrot (Appsheet)


*ricken AAA++. Awsome. Beautiful. Always cools stuff that you just don’t think about. Beautiful. Will come in useful at some point and time I’m sure!!!

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Hello bro,

You did another new innovative stuffs again! I m proud of you.

Only one thing I noticed was 90 sec at the biggining of your session… Did you go to the loo before the session started? haha,

again, thanks for your usual contribution!

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Hi @MultiTech_Visions what an excellent idea to wrap a SELECT() into a CONTEXT() condition!

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