How to create item inventory log history?

Hi all,

I have a question

I have an inventory log table and item table.

I have 2 action, 1 is to change inventory, we call it log inventory change

I want to create another action, when i click in the item, i want it to be abled to see it has been transacted from which order ID.

May I know which part i done wrongly?

It is not clear exactly what you are trying to do here. Can you elaborate and/or state it a different way?

The first argument for LINKTOROW is expecting a key value. Is [Item ID] the key column for that Table?

Maybe you’d be interested in LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW instead?

I’d also suggest reviewing how to setup references between your Tables.


hi, thanks for the reply.

Basically, i want to know the history of items log
Currently the inventory log is showing the log for every items.

I want to know the particular items log history, when it is inbound, when it is outbound.

Kindly see the reference below for the explaination:

To directly answer your question about creating a new Action button to view the records, my guess was correct, LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW is what you want to use for that.

However I highly suggest you forget about that, and instead get your tables referenced to each other properly. The [Item Name] column in the Log Table should be a Ref type column, pointing to the Items Table. When you do this, the editor will automatically create a Virtual Column, using the REF_ROWS expression, with a name of “Related Logs” (or similar). This column will appear as an “inline” Table in each Item’s Detail View, showing just the Log records related to that Item. I recommend that you review some of the existing inventory management sample apps here:


thanks so much