How to customize Map View bottom ("description") section?


Please see the screenshot. How to customize both

  1. Which data (which columns) will be shown, and
  2. Which actions will be shown (and how to rearrange them)?

It looks like UX → Map View don’t offer any options to change this.
On the first picture we don’t see an image (because the table’s image-label is not set). Then we see title (Fruit Shop Office) - which is table’s text-label. And next we see subtitle, which is non-label column (I don’t know why this is here).
On the second picture we see table’s image-label, then table’s text-label, but no subtitle.
I’m trying to figure out logic behind this. My only guess is that bottom section of the map view is linked to some other non-map view. But the thing is: I don’t have any view, that looks like picture 2 (I always use subtitle).
Any help is appreciated!


Thank you!

Although, this Deck View is replacing the existing view Table View, that is used for Inline items. Is there a way to Deck View only to display the address on the map?
I tried to set Deck View “Show if” to: CONTEXT(“ViewType”) = “Map”, or set it just FALSE. But these doesn’t work.

One more quick question:
I have a enumlist (ref) [Installation Address], that holds values: d79a1d6a; 83c02678
In order to show it as a clickable list I read it into a virtual column (list of refs), just by =[Installation Address]. It works, but the list is reversed: first item in the list is 83c02678, and the second is d79a1d6a.
I tried to use SORT() and ORDERBY(), but both are not working, with any arguments. The list stays in the same order. Any ideas?

You’ll need to create a slice of the original table, make the address column that’s being mapped reference the new slice, and configure the views for the new slice to affect the appearance of the map view.

The order of the entries displayed in an inline view or in that deck view used in the map view are determined by the view configuration, not the order of the entries in the EnumList itself.

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Thank you, Steve!

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