How to customize search keyboard?

It’s possible to change keyboard on search ?

I want to just search numbers, so I need numbers keyboard.

The type of keyboard that appears on the device is usually controlled by the data type of field you are editing. The Search field is alpha-numeric and unfortunately there is no way change that data type.


The user can switch to the numeric keypad, at least on Android.

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Yes, but when I switch to numeric keybord every time I need to swich again.

In my app I need just inter number and press mark button, switch to numeric keyboard is to long.

With keyboard not comfortable, but it’s better than nothing )


Could you use a grouped view so you don’t have to use Search at all?

For example, I have a view that shows Work History. Instead of scrolling through hundreds or thousands of records, I stripped off the date from the Start DateTime column into a Virtual Column and use that to group the records. I now have a lot less scrolling to find the history record I want.

If my history starts to grow into many months (I do currently purge it), then I can easily add another Group level by month. Then by year if needed.