How to delete data that has been copied using the ref method

Hello everyone…
this is my first application. I tried to make an inspection application where there are 2 views, namely “MENU” (for input data) and “TINDAK LANJUT” to follow up the input data from the MENU view…

as seen in the video. I used ref in the “follow-up” view to retrieve data in the “MENU” view and added several columns, one of which was a photo after the follow-up. and it’s works.

what I want to ask is how can the data taken from the “MENU” view be erased after I have followed up on the “TINDAK LANJUT” view, making it easier for me to monitor inspection findings that have been acted upon and those that have not been acted upon.

Thanks in advance…

I cannot see any video?

Is there a relationship between “MENU” and “TINDAK LANJUT” table? or they both are just a different view?


different view

Sorry, still not clear to me your intention. Maybe you can have more detail information such as:

  1. Is there a relationship between “MENU” and “TINDAK LANJUT” table?
  2. are both of them comes from the same table?
  3. Are you using slice?
  4. Is the input to the “TINDAK LANJUT” table being done manually?
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