How to deliver application to client


I would like to develop an app for a friend’s company and I would like to be able to do this:

I am developing the application in my google domain and with my appsheet account.

How do I transfer it to his account and domain, so that he can develop the application himself

I know how to copy the spread sheet from my google drive to his google drive, but I think the spread sheet ID will no longer be the same!

And if I make changes, bug fixes, on my app, how do I replace its version?

What is the correct method?

what do you recommend ?

I haven’t seen in the documentation for that kind of information.

For developers who have clients, how do you do it?

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Hi Stéphane

Actually, once a google document is created, the ID remains the same whatever happens. The only things that evolve are properties from this document.

In my opinion, you may want to:

  • provide an access to your Drive App Folder or Drive documents as an editor
  • add your friend as a co-author of your app, or even more : go to the Manage/Author/Transfer section

You may find some useful information here:

Personally, I would recommend using the co-authoring, as it allows both of you to make changes.
If you have any concerns about data storage size, maybe you should use your friend’s domain as a “data owner”.
To make it simple: make a copy from his domain, and share it to yourself as a co-author.



Hi Aurélien
thanks , i will look at this doc

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