How to determine whether an address falls within kml map boundaries

I am trying to use my kml map layer to determine whether an added address falls within or outside of the boundaries to determine if they qualify for a rebate.

I’m not able to find any documentation and since there is no table to reference, I am considering creating a table with zip codes that roughly correlate to determine whether they qualify or not. Any suggestions on the best way to accomplish this?

Hi @Taylor_Felt2 as I remember, @tsuji_koichi @Marc_Dillon @MultiTech_Visions may have some insight on this.

@Taylor_Felt2 @Fabian
As far as I know, Appsheet does not have capability to return boolean if or not the selected lat/long stay inside the polygon or it is outside. BI tool, such as tableau recently introduced such a capability, but unfortunately Appsheet does not have capability for the moment.


The similar stuffs possibly we could do with Appsheet current capability should be

  1. Create data set with data field of lat long for EACH polygons you generated, such as center or representative position it stands. And make sure we have name or label for eah position (row).

  2. for the data table, you let user to capture the geo position, prepare the name of polygon, and make this fields type to REF, looking up above 1 table. Each time the position is captured, user need to manually “map” the label name of polygon where the new position is captured.

  3. Create new map view out of above 2 tables with interactive dashboard mode.

On this dashboards, the user select a pin in map view, for instance, pin representitnve calfornia, then the another map view will be filtered then only the number of pins associated to 'california; only returned.

Unfortunately, there is no logic and capability to do validation, pin is inside or outside the polygons we generate, but we need to manually " map " in this way.


As things currently stand, you have the ability to include a KML layer with your map… but there is no communication between the map, the KML layer, and the app - the app will have no idea that a pin is inside a KML layer boundary.

As @tsuji_koichi mentioned, you could build out the functionality to establish your KML layers inside of your app sheet app… But I’ve yet to see anybody build something like this and get it to 100% work.

A few months ago I had a client that wanted this exact ability; we were building a field inspection app, and he wanted the app to automatically know where somebody was based on KML layers.

But since there’s no communication between the KML layer and the app, that functionality wasn’t possible.

In an effort to solve this problem, I built a sample app to try and figure out a way to get all of this to work inside of an app - But I could never get it to work with irregular shapes.

It works with a perfect box, a rectangular shape… But if you have any kind of irregularity to your shapes, we need to come up with some other way to determine if you’re inside that space.