How to Disable or Hide the App Gallery button in my App's

In this picture the App Gallery button is disabled (it is from my develop screen) on my Mobile it is not disabled, can I disable or hide it?


Hi Bjarne, I’m afraid you can’t disable it. You can only hide it if you hide the whole upper menu.

Hi Alexis,

Sorry to here that. I’m building 2 Apps for a Prospect -
1 App for his Subcontractors (Security filter Subcontractor Emails), can only be shared by appointed subcontractors.
1 App for his administration (WEB App) where he can appoint and approve jobs for his Subcontractors (Security Filter his and employees Emails) Can’t be shared by others.

Is there a solution to this senario?

Best regards
Bjarne Allerup

Why would you need to disable/hide the Gallery?

Subcontractors are Workers, and he don’t want them to be confused with options to select from Shared and Public Apps and as far as I can see these Buttons are always visible.

Do they need search functionality?

I think so, but I will also bee missing About button, right?

Yes, that option will hide the whole upper menu. Though kind of About page you can create by yourself.

What would you suggest?

That I build my own Menu within the App, and control everything myself?

If you hide the upper menu and app user has somekind of issue with the data, user is not able to reset changes. If that could happen easily, I would not hide the upper menu.

I did not understand this.

When the user is unable to sync app, for instance, update and add row whatever they do on the app, they could fail to sync. Most common reason behind (as far as my past experience is concerned), the user device App version is different from one of the latest.

For instance, one of app user access to the app (launch) without sync. But they opened up the app before. Lets assume the version is 1.01.

Then before it happens, you update app and latest version of the app turns to be 1.02

When your user update row for example, then app fails to sync because of mismatch of the version between user device and latest app.

In that case, the data the user edit/update rows still reside within their mobile device (as data being cached). Unless we RESET the stuck data on the devices, they are unable to keep using the app. RESET basically meaning here is clear the cache.

So when you hide the menu , it is impossible for user to access to RESET button if necessary.

Again, based on my experience, it happened bunch of times. So the best practice (as far as my case is concerned) I dont hide menu navigation.


Failure of sync could happen due to other reason, poor signal, connectivity or any other possible reasons. The mismatch of app version is just one of the reason of the failures.

Reset - is only visible when the app hold the data waiting for (or standing by ) sync. When we fail the sync, still those data should stands as status of “waiting for sync”

Appsheet member, please correct me if my understanding is wrong.


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So… Mr @tsuji_koichi “emptied the bank” :smiley:

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But the Synch button is not hided even with the Menu hidden, is’nt that right?


Anyway I want to say thank you for all the input and suggestions, and I love to here about other’s experiences.

I just fear that my users suddenly load a complete different App and don’t know what to do and call me, I just would try to avoid that situation.

Yes it’s correct behavior. The sync button is not hidden together with the upper menu.

I agree. I would like to be able to hide the App Gallery. I can foresee lots of problems from users exploring and getting lost.

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