How to Display 24Hrs Format

Hi all,
As many know, Appsheet do not have support for 24Hr formats. In the forum there are many work arounds, like using CONCATENATE() or some variation of TEXT(TIME([Date Time Entered]),“HH:MM”). These aren’t very streamline solutions and may involve multiple columns to implement.
Here is my workaround that allows users to input in 24HR format and also display in 24HR using just one single column.

First input a column of Type Number,
Screenshot 2021-04-21 153605
Under Type Details, make sure the following settings are inputted.
Numeric Digits - 4
Show thousands separator - Unchecked
Maximum Value - 2359
Minimum Value - 0
Increase/decrease step - 1

Next, under Data Validity > Valid If
Input the following formula. This formula ensures that the column only excepts up to 23 for hours and 59 for minutes.

IF( [FP Start Time] <= 959,
NUMBER(LEFT([FP Start Time],1)) <= 9,
NUMBER(LEFT([FP Start Time],2)) <= 23
NUMBER(RIGHT([FP Start Time],2)) <= 59

Lastly, under Auto Compute > Initial Value
You may choose to input this optional formula. This formula will input the current time when you start the form in 24HR format. It may be a good indicator for first time users who are unfamiliar with what time format is accepted in the field.




([Time Column] - "00:00:00") will produce a Duration value from a Time value, which appears as a 24-hour time.


Yup, I am aware of this formula too. but this will require either a virtual column or 2 columns - a Time and Duration Type - to implement, right?

Furthermore, the user is still inputting in 12Hr format to begin with.
My users simply want to input 4 digits in 24Hr format without having to toggle AM/PM.

Is there a more straightforward way to implement your formula that only involves a single column and allow users to input straight in 24Hr format?

([Time Column] - “00:00:00”)

Ahhh! That wasn’t clear to me. I didn’t read you post well. :frowning: