How to display a list of editable rows, with one column to edit once a day

I need help creating a display as follows;

  1. I’m creating an app to manage status of multiple location of a company. I simply want to have a user select Yes or No to imply Open or closed.

  2. The user can only update/edit the location status once a day, by defaut it is blank.

  3. The list of locations is a growing list. but I need to have all locations dispalyed everyday, with blank column for the user to update.

  4. I need to collect data showing each location and operation status i.e closed or open for each day over a long period of time.

I need to display a view like this, with the status colum editable per location, but only once a day:

Please advise on how I can go about this.

Thank you so much.

There’s a lot to take into consideration when advising how you should move forward, as there’s several different ways you could go about this.

  • Is this app intended to be used by multiple people, or one person?
  • Do you need to store the results of each day, or is it enough to “flip a switch” and change a value?
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I need to save the results for each day. The app is intended for use by one person.

I would use a scheduled report in conjunction with an action that will create these records you need; this way each day there’s a new set of records for the user to modify.

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Many thanks for the reply @MultiTech_Visions

I have read through the links and the knowledge is very helpful. However I’m still falling to apply it to my requirements. Could you please suggest steps you’d follow to achieve that functionality?

Thanks again.

You’ll need to make use of this type of action:

It allows you to create a record in, say Table B, from table A.

So in your case; you can create a record for tracking the open/closed status for each location; and you put that record creation action into a report - so it runs on a schedule.

For your report (on your location table), you’ll need to make sure you have the following set

  • Run for each record in the table

This then will run that action to create a location_tracking_record each day whenever you schedule it.

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Many thanks @MultiTech_Visions ,

I’m going to try it out and revert accordingly.

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