How to display editable list products and prices from an already created Order

I am developing a point of sale (POS) for a pharmacy. I have not managed to extract again information for a cancellation receipt. This is because the receipt generated for the sale could have had different discounts to today’s date, so it is required to show the information of a sales receipt of that sell date to a form with a new receipt (generate the new receipt and select the receipt to be canceled has already been achieved using a Reference) but it has not been possible to show the list of that sales receipt in order to modify the cancellation of the product or products with the price of that date.
I am currently using the following:

Tables: Orders (General characteristics of receipt) and Order Details (Products related to Order sell)

I have tried select, list, filter but this does not bring it back to the form of related products.

So it goes like this:
1.-Add Order: Generates the new Order Receipt UniqueID
2.-select Transaction Type: Sell or Cancel
3.-If Cancel show Reference and select Sell Receipt UniqueID
Case–>4.-When selecting Sold Receipt display the related list of products for that Reference that should belong to the Sold Receipt and make them editable to leave the products to be cancelled
5. Continue Order Form and generate the Order Id

I am new at this so I have to explain it as a mortal.


Expressions are hard (for me, at least) and I may not have enough knowledge to answer your question. Perhaps, though, you might be more likely to get a response from one of the expression experts here if you can post the details of one of your expression attempts (including the details about the table and column names that are relevant) in this thread. If people can see a concrete expression, they may find it easier to chime in to tell you what is wrong or what you need to do. Good luck!

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So… I will try to summarize. You have a order record (parent) and related product records (childs). Now you want to create a new order but you would like to use the data from the existing and cancelled order? And you would like to do the same for ordered produts as well.

Thanks Kirk, will try!

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Hello Aleksi, you read my mind. New Order to retrieve an already Existing Order to edit it and cancel only selected products without modifying the existing one. I classify the orders with an Order Type (Sell, Cancel) Sell with take out inventory and increase income. If Cancel Type, will get inventory and turn back money. The issue is that I cannot retrieve the Existing Order products and edit them as a New Order.