How to display grand total in the ALL section of view attached?

I have a flat table with static data… made a view to display by group and sorting with a primary column, it shows the each category count but how to display the count for ALL?
Screenshot 2021-06-26 142357

Kindly help me out… I cant see any option to do this anywhere…

Hi @sudhasm
There is no way to do that.


I do understand the complications… could you explain briefly why?

Hi! I’m sorry this is totally unrelated to your question, I just want to ask how you were able to group all related data together and have it be clickable? I’ve been struggling to do that, since I’ve only been able to group related data together but they weren’t in neat categories like yours, instead they would all just be grouped and showed all at once. I’m making a monthly view and I would like to group all data by month. I would appreciate to know how you did it. Thank you!