How to display the checkbox for bulk actions?

I saw this sample app and created an action in my app with the same characteristics, however since I started the application the checkbox to bulk actions never appeared.

I consulted some topics but none helped me to make it appear, this one for example considers that the box is already there

I am using a View deck and can add the action to the action bar, but the checkbox for bulk actions still does not appear.

Does anyone know how to make it appear?

Hello cousin, welcome to the community !

To make the bulk select option appear the table must allow deletes, is that your case?

Alternatively, i read in that support doc that you can enter the “checkbox mode” by long pressing any row, did you check if that works for you?

I tried this long pressing option too, it didn’t work, I tried to create a new View without the use of slices and the bulk button appeared, but without the filters the data is all mixed up

I see, did you check if both the slice and the table itself allow deletes?

None allows exclusions, however without the use of the slice the checkbox appears

I would like to know how to keep it enabled even using slice filters

Please check your “Slice actions” on your slice, it should include the ones you wish to use, if there are no actions selected there you won’t see the checkbox either


The problem was exactly this, the actions were not enabled in the slice actions.
As soon as I enabled the checkbox appeared.